Guided Hunting

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing!  Whether you are a beginner hunter, or a seasoned veteran, HarvestWild is your choice for guided hunting.  HarvestWild offers professional guided hunting trips year-round with hunter safety and well-being as our number one priority.  Our hunting experience is exciting, stress-free and hunts have multiple measures of success.  Guided hunting is a great way to experience the hunt and with HarvestWild your guide will act as your personal resource for area-specific knowledge, field techniques, and be there to help answer all your specific hunting questions.  We take special care and pride by providing each client with detailed pre-hunt information including: physical requirements, trip checklist, suggested gear, and preparation for a successful hunt. We will also provide post-hunt information and hands-on assistance for how to care for your meat after harvesting an animal. We will connect you with our wild foods chef for meal preparation of your wild game.  We will keep in contact with you for planning your next adventure with HarvestWild.  HarvestWild promotes conservation of land and wildlife and is committed to responsible and ethical hunting practices.


‘And animals are our food. They are our thoughts.’ If we broaden this insight to all the living things arrayed on our table each day, we recognize a universal truth — That our life, our breath, and our thoughts are given to us by the plants and animals we eat. This is true not only for people like the Navajo, but for every one of us, whether we get our food by hunting, fishing, gathering, farming, gardening, or shopping.  The only difference is that we who inhabit the cities and suburbs have forgotten.  And more than anything else, our forgetfulness is created by the supermarket, where we pluck from the shelves processed bits of plants and animals that are hidden inside boxes, cans, and packages — creating the illusion that we can have food without harvest, that life can be maintained without death, that our daily existence is separate from the land, and that we are fundamentally different from all other organisms.
— Written by Richard Nelson from the book A Hunters Heart which is collected by David Petersen