Bringing Wild Food To The Table

HarvestWild is bringing the old-world flavor of wild game back in style with new, exciting recipes. We want to help teach and inspire new cooking ideas and promote the bounty that surrounds us.  We are here to help you build the confidence to explore the world of true organic free range, wild caught and foraged food.  Have you ever thought about foraging on a fishing trip?  Have you wondered how to cook a meal with venison that your in-laws would like?  We hope to give you the knowledge to incorporate wild foods into your daily life, that are simple, healthy and organic, creative and rustic with a dash of gourmet.  Finding new ways to prepare your wild game is what it is all about.  Your guests may be hesitant to try wild game but with proper handling of your meat, and with our cooking direction, we can help make your wild game into beautiful, tasty home cooked meals that will keep them coming back for more.  This food will likely inspire them to explore the hunting lifestyle.  With this food, you will be proud to share it at the dinner table with your friends and family.  By learning proper handling, caring and preparing wild food, you too will help grow the outdoor community.



  • Bring your venison cooking clinic - $125/Person or $200/Couple or bring a friend discount

  • Bring your wild duck cooking clinic - $125/Person or $200/Couple or bring a friend discount

  • 1/2 day Guided Bass Fishing followed up with a 1/2 day personal cooking class: $400/Person

  • Personal in home Chef: Cost TBD

  • Backcountry Bistro

More options coming soon!