“His patience is boundless.”

Fished with Aaron in mid-July on the Lower Sac. Had a great time and caught lots of fat rainbows. Aaron knows this river's every riffle, seam, and run that hold fish and will row back through each one to assure you that you cover all the fish. This happened many times. He is very serious about his craft and yet retains a great sense of humor. He knows what the trout want on a minute by minute basis. His patience is boundless. We had tons of fun landing 'doubles' and keeping Aaron busy with the net. A five-star guide and I highly recommend his service. Thanks again, Aaron!  See you again. 

— S.H. 

“I always leave thinking about the next trip!”

A good friend of mine took me out with Aaron a couple of years ago. Since then I have been out with him as much as I can. Any time I'm passing through the Redding area I try to fit a day or even a half day of fishing in with him. I always leave thinking about the next trip and the fish I catch are just the bonus to a great day on the river. I've known a lot of guides over the years and Aaron stands out as one of the best. His knowledge of the river, the fish in it and the food they eat makes the trip both fish worthy and educational. My hook set still needs work and I can honestly say if it was better...I would only begin to honor the hard work he puts in for the chances I get to catch fish. Don't hesitate...book him!!

— M.S


I was fortunate enough to meet Aaron while on a trip to Alaska in 09.   Since then, I have booked Aaron for several fly fishing trips a year on the Klamath, Trinity, and Lower Sac.  A very knowledgeable and fishy dude!!  Aaron is a patient instructor, skilled outdoorsmen, and a machine on the oars!  Oh yeah, I almost forgot the most important thing of fishing and spending a day floating a NorCal river with Aaron...it's incredibly fun and satisfying!!  Can’t think of a better way to spend a day!!

— K.T.



“Teaching tricks and techniques all day.”

I met Aaron originally through my fly fishing club. I have fished with him twice now once on the Lower Sac, and more recently on the Trinity. He is a very knowledgeable angler, as well as an instructor, teaching tricks and techniques all day.  After an amazing first trip on the Lower Sac, I had no hesitation in deciding to book with Aaron once I decided I wanted to drift the Trinity for steelhead.  My best friend and I both landed our first steelies and ended up with 6 wild steelhead landed between the two of us.  Aaron was always patient and comical when we would do something wrong. He was always excited for us when the fish made it to the net.  His knowledge of both rivers obviously came from many, many, many days on these waters, and he seems to now know them like the back of his hand. I have already and will continue to refer fellow fly fishers to his guide service.  And will have no hesitation calling him again next time I head north.

— T.T.

“He knows where they are and what they want.”

Want to have the best chance for success fishing steelhead or rainbows?  Want to have a personable guide with extreme patience?  Spend a day floating the Northern CA. rivers with Aaron.  He knows where they are and what they want.  Never caught so many nice big fish in three trips with him this past 6 months on the Trinity and Lower Sac.  He rocks.  

— S.V.



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