Aaron Grabiel


Meet the Owner/Operator


Aaron Grabiel was raised in Northern California in a small town just East of Redding; spending all his free time hunting and fishing the local “secret” spots. Learning the tactics of stealth and approach from his observations of game in the field and learning wildlife habits from the animals themselves has given him a unique perspective on the wilderness around him. He is a true woodsman, which is a disappearing skill in the modern day of technology.

As a guide and instructor, Aaron is extremely patient and knowledgeable. He takes the time needed to teach all that he can to people wanting to learn.  Aaron has a true passion for HarvestWild - guiding, teaching and the outdoors. He has been guiding since 2004.

Aaron has fished all over Northern California, Western United States, Honduras, and Baja. He has guided in Alaska and has spent many months in Argentina. As an independent guide, Aaron has been featured on the Outdoor Channel on Familiar Waters hosted by Mike Pawlawski, Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites, the book Life Behind written By Regan Kline and an article featured on the website myoutdoorbuddy.com. Aaron is also an ambassador for California Trout. Come seek out your adventures with HarvestWild.



Michelle Grabiel


Meet the Co-Owner/Manager


For Michelle Grabiel, there is nothing that beats spending time with her family and friends in the outdoors. She has a passion for hunting, fishing, health and fitness, culture, travel, capturing moments and highly respects and enjoys the beauty of the wild and all that it has to offer.

She is an outdoors woman.  She has an obsession to grab her fly rod and reel or bow and arrow and chase the wild things that lurk in the water and wilderness.   She is the oldest of three sisters and a brother and they all share a passion for the outdoors.  Being the oldest, helping her siblings grow as outdoors people was her greatest reward. Now, as they each find their own way, the outdoors is the pillar that binds them.  Michelle’s path landed her at Humboldt State University for a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business. Her degree took her abroad to Switzerland and Italy where her passion for traveling grew.  Working full time and carrying a full load at school made time on the water and in the wilderness precious; learning to be efficient at school, on the water and in the field, was the game.  After finishing at Humboldt State, home base shifted back to Northern, CA.  Michelle seasonally divides her time between trout, steelhead, turkey, deer and elk.  As well as throwing into the mix, photography, videography, backpacking, gardening and managing their little farm. She is a new Mama and she has never enjoyed anything more than having her little girl by her side while showing her life’s gifts.

Michelle is so excited to bring to the table a woman’s perspective, and a mother’s perspective to HarvestWild and watch what it grows into.  She will continue to make her mark in the hunting and fishing industry all while encouraging women to pursue a known or hidden passion for the world outside.



Wolfgang Rougle

wolfy with a giant lions mane mushroom.jpg

Meet Our Gathering Expert


Wolfy Rougle has been a North Valley wild food educator since 2005. She wrote the local wild food cookbook "Sacramento Valley Feast! Or: Don't Eat Sterile, Eat Feral".  For many years, she operated Springfed Organic Farm and Nursery, a one-woman, off-grid farm, dedicated to medicinal herbs and super-nutrient-dense greens.  On her nature walks, Wolfy loves re-connecting people with the natural world and helping folks gain confidence and excitement about foraging.  Brimming with herbal lore, she excels at introducing people to the green comrades who will help them through life. Whether you're on a city lot or a wild mountainside, Wolfy reminds you that the plants are here to help you! 



Manlio Melloni


Meet Our Wild Foods Chef


Born and raised in sugar and coffee country, Costa Rica is where it all got started. From an Italian Bolognese Father, home cooked meals were a staple in Manlio’s household. From his Moms Costarican humble cooking to his Dads Bolognese sauces, pastas and wine pairings were taught at an early time in his life. Being around his Mom and Grandma in the kitchen made him more and more curious about the art of food. He decided to educate himself further, so Manlio went to the school, LeCordon Bleu and graduated with honors. He worked at hotels and fine dining restaurants. He later moved to Florida and worked in the Florida Keys at a small Spanish tapas restaurant. The food there linked him back to the food that he grew up with and that he knows and loves as ‘rustic, simple food’. With some of the best ocean fishing in the world all around him, the Florida Keys gave him a new-found love for ocean food that changed his life. Manlio then decided to move to Naples, Florida to work under a phenomenal Italian chef, whom made rustic Italian food that could easily beat a 5 Star Michelin Restaurant. Manlio has been cooking now for 10 years. Cooking has changed his life. His passion lies in cooking - learning, researching and developing the art of food.